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Floral Crescent Cake

Floral Crescent Cake

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Our specialty tiramisu cake is a true indulgence, with lady fingers soaked in our signature Hatch Gamma coffee and layered with a luscious mascarpone cheese mousse. 

If you are looking for something decadent, our hazelnut mousse option is the perfect choice for you. This cake is made of creamy hazelnut milk chocolate mousse, pure hazelnut praline, chocolate biscuit for some crunch, and dark chocolate mousse.

For the exterior, this cake is adorned with elegant buttercream decorations.

Please note that due to the handmade nature of our cakes, colors may vary slightly from the pictures.

Dimensions & Servings

5" Cake serves 4
6" Cake serves 6
7" Cake serves 8
8" Cake serves 10

Storage Instructions

Best served within 2-3 days. Keep refrigerated.

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