Request a Wedding Cake

We all know how important it is to plan the perfect wedding. Let us help you reduce that stress with the perfect cake.

General Info:

Type / Serving Cost

Per serving:

Naked / Semi-Naked cake: $7.00
Buttercream covered cake: $7.50
Fondant covered cake: $8.00

Recommended servings: approximately 70% of the number of guests you are expecting (if other desserts are also available).

One flavour is included (each additional flavour will be $15 extra)

Cake Size Chart


Fresh Flowers: $35+, roses & carnations only (red, white, pink only). Note: you may bring flowers for us to add on at no additional charge. 

Sugar Flowers: $5-$20 each and up to $40 each for personalized/handmade flowers (depends on size and type)

Cake Toppers

$40-$60 each

Cake Stands

Cake stand / cupcake tower / macaron tower rentals: $25-40 (additional $100 security deposit required)


Standard: $3.50 each, minimum 12 pcs per flavour
Mini: $2.25 each, minimum order 24 pcs per flavour

Bulk Pricing

Combo pricing discount available (e.g. cake + mini cakes--mini cakes can receive a discount)

Physical gift cards (and bulk pricing) available

Cake Tastings

We also offer cake tasting pick-ups. Our cake tastings are $35/set, and you will get 10 flavours to try.

The price of this tasting (1 set max) would be deducted from the price of your cake (must be $250+ value) should you decide to book with us. You can place the order here. See flavours below:

• Mango
• Strawberry
• Passion Fruit
• Matcha
• Black Sesame
• Milk Tea
• Earl Grey
• Pistachio
• Chocolate Hazelnut
• Coffee