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Earl Grey Pear Cake

Earl Grey Pear Cake

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The ultimate Earl Grey cake for the ultimate Earl Grey fan!

This is not your plain old simple earl grey cake. Packed with lots of flavour, our earl grey cake features earl grey mousse, real pear pieces, pear syrup, chocolate cream, and chocolate sponge. The best part is that our earl grey mousse is infused from real premium tea leaves. So, you will really taste the tea! The cake is beautifully decorated with a coco spray, blue cornflower, orange light cream and dark chocolate.

Note: There may be slight variations from colour pictured.

A true masterpiece!

Dimensions & Servings

5" Cake serves 4
6" Cake serves 6
7" Cake serves 8
8" Cake serves 10

Storage Instructions

Best served within 2-3 days. Keep refrigerated.

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